About Us

Sancus Design Group (SDG)
Purpose, Vision, Mission & Core Values 


PURPOSECreativity Envisioned! Sancus Design Group provides select designers with a proven brand-building and manufacturing company, to guide their creativity into a profitable reality.

VISIONSancus Design Group’s vision is to navigate a designer’s creativity to successfully launch products that are beautiful and profitable!

MISSION: In ancient Roman times, Sancus represented Honesty, Loyalty and Oath. Sancus Design Group (SDG) is Creativity Envisioned! We provide exceptional and proven resources (including people, systems and tools) for our design partners. We empower designers, fostering their creativity and craftsmanship. Together with innovative designers that match SDG’s vision, we create a team that’s unstoppable. We partner with our designers to launch products that are beautiful and profitable, at a reasonable price. At Sancus, we are successful when we enable our partners to succeed at what they do best!


In Ancient Roman history, SANCUS represents Honesty, Loyalty and Oath.

 HONESTY for SDG means...

  •   Doing the right thing,
  •   Treating our partners and customer fairly while
  •   Operating with transparent integrity.

LOYALTY in action is...

  •   Living and working with passion, determination and commitment,
  •   Giving consistent mutual support and respect to one another while
  •   Remaining devoted to each other's success.

OATH for SDG means...

  •   Being true to your word, i.e. an honor-based agreement,
  •   Allowing for empowered growth and learning while
  •   Staying humble, greatful, and kind.




"An entrepreneur isn't someone who owns a business; it's someone that makes things happen.” ~ Tim Ferris

From an early age, Jeff Caron credits his mother Pauline Caron for instilling in him an amazing work ethic. Jeff was already fascinated by age nine with all things mechanical, starting his first small-engine repair business. At age 13, he was busy teaching adult education at the local high school. Clearly, the entrepreneurial bug had already bitten him.

After graduating from The University of Akron, Jeff accepted an internship in the art of tool and die making. Ultimately, Jeff became a mechanical engineer and journeyman tool and die maker in the Aerospace industry.

Jeff left his aerospace career in 2003 to begin a new entrepreneurial adventure with his wife, Stacey. In order to make this leap, they took every dime they had and jumped in with both feet to start a new craft brand, specializing in a new universal way to die cut and emboss. In less than ten years, together, they created a multimillion-dollar, world-renowned, award-winning craft manufacturing company. Along the way, they accumulated multiple industry-changing patents, innovation awards, and Inc-500 rankings.

Jeff is a pure entrepreneur, with his

  • Desire to create something that makes an impact,
  • Passion, flexibility, innovative spirit, and his hopeful yet realistic inquisitive mind,
  • Willingness to take enormous calculated risks, making short-term sacrifices for long-term gain, and
  • Commitment - In the face of uncertainty, setbacks, skepticism, and disappointments, he remains steadfast to his end-goals.

In 2013, he sold the award-winning craft manufacturing company to pursue new adventure and opportunities. Today, Jeff leads the Sancus Design Group — Creativity Envisioned! Sancus Design Group provides select designers with a proven brand-building and manufacturing company, to guide their creativity into a profitable reality. Their vision is to navigate a designer’s creativity to successfully launch products that are beautiful and profitable!